Concrete Crawlspaces

An area many people don’t think much about is their crawl space. It’s not until they face a serious leak or water damage that they consider the benefits of waterproofing the area, or sealing it off. With many older buildings, it’s common that crawl spaces under the foundation are left open to the dirt. This can leave the door wide open for water issues, rodents, insects, humidity, and outside air to creep in over time. Mold may begin growing, and a musty odor can sometimes start leaking up into the building itself. For homeowners, this is a problem you’d surely prefer to avoid. A solution offered by our professionals at West Suburban Concrete is to completely waterproof your crawl space. By waterproofing, you can effectively seal your crawlspace from outside elements, and keep out any unwanted visitors.

Encapsulation of your crawlspace is one more way that you can ensure your home or building remains in proper shape. Crawl spaces allow air circulation throughout a building so it’s not uncommon to find the smell of mold due to the crawlspace being significantly water damaged. Not only will waterproofing prevent this from occurring, but it will also ensure that high quality air is fed throughout the home to the entire family. Crawl spaces are also essential when required to access plumbing and electrical installations. No one wants to enter a dark, moist environment that has become home to rats, snakes, spiders, and other potentially dangerous creatures when something needs to be fixed. Do yourself a favor, and allow us to come inspect your crawlspace, and offer the technical know-how to properly waterproof the area before it becomes a problem. We’ll separate your crawlspace from the elements using durable materials that line both the floors and walls effectively.

Another service that we offer at West Suburban Concrete when it comes to crawlspaces is to simply fill these areas with cement. If you’re not using a crawlspace for anything important, and it doesn’t offer access to anything relevant, we can come in and fill the space with concrete. By filling the crawlspace, you’re eliminating the possibility of problems ever happening again. No more mold. The ability of water to seep in has been removed. It’s win-win scenario, and it’s another reason why choosing us makes perfect sense for any home renovation or concrete construction job.