Foundation Repairs

Foundation cracks are a common problem that happen throughout the years in buildings of all shapes and sizes. While each crack may have a slightly different cause, there are a few core reasons why they exist so frequently. These reasons may include the building foundation being placed on expansive clay, compressible fill soils that are improperly compacted, or improper maintenance around the foundation itself. Whatever the cause, every crack should be monitored and inspected by cement professionals who can diagnose why the cement crack has formed. At West Suburban Concrete, we can do just that! We’ll be able to properly repair the crack completely until the problem has been solved in the shortest amount of time imaginable.

It’s imperative that you treat cracks with caution, and ensure that you have a company with experience behind them to come fix the concrete crack right the first time. If a crack has not been filled correctly, it will continue to expand, potentially costing the owner thousands of dollars over time. Damage due to foundation cracks can include major structural damage, sometimes rendering locations unsafe as a result. The longer you wait to fix one of these types of cracks, the further your cement foundation will sink into the ground. Since all foundation problems must be disclosed when selling any type of building, we often receive calls at West Suburban Concrete from real estate agents who seek to have foundation cracks repaired immediately. A cement crack in the foundation of your home can lower its value by up to 30%. Keep that in mind the next time you find a crack forming in the corner of your basement.

A crack in the foundation of any home or building should always be a concern. At West Suburban Concrete we know how to determine why a crack happened, and what can be done to solve the issue. Our experts are always working around the clock to ensure buildings around the state of Illinois are safe and secure. Don’t let cement cracks in your foundation cause future issues that will require both extensive time and cost. By calling us today, we’ll be able to stop down, diagnose the crack, and help repair it within the shortest amount of time possible. Our expertise in the concrete industry dates back over 25 years, and shows that we know how to get things done the first time through. You can count on our cement professionals for friendly advice, low cost repair estimates, and the ability to solve any concrete problem in existence.